Friday, March 16, 2012

Suzanne's 2012 six week art-working journey in Spain and israel

First to share the image that I placed on the cover of my journal for this six-week art-working journey in Spain and Israel. It's one of the 43 monoprints  I created in February during my stint as Guest Artist at Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL (my fifth year at their printmaking studio). The full-sheet size print is titled Aiming High and sets the intention to create best work during my residencies in Barcelona (now) and Tel Aviv (April).
Jose, Carlotta Perla's partner got me set last night with the cell phone and international Sim card I bought at Kennedy before the flight yesterday. So I'm set for contacting people locally and for them to reach me without having to call long distance to my USA IPhone. Here's a pic of me in my little studio in this cozy small apartment that hosts artists such as myself.

And now, more pics from my walk (all downhill) to the wonderful food market:


  1. I've given up on that Sim card - doesn't work. Will stick to the IPhone which, while costly, is working. Last trip to South Asia it konked out after Kolkata. Here's hoping it stays working for the whole trip.

  2. Still some jet lag but doing well. Set up in my studio - no work as yet. Went to the nearby (downhill) food market yesterday - everything so fresh and delicious looking. My digs are spare and functional. Moving slowly. Carlotta - my host is lovely as is her significant other - Jose from the USA. They are very helpful and charming.
    Going to the food market was a complete delight - nearly everyone is so friendly, food is sooo fresh. The eggs have deep golden orange yolks. Saw a fresh chicken cut in half with huge and delicious looking chicken livers. Pia sold me fresh ravioli and then I met the ravioli-maker. They are
    Guell Parc is nearby. Gaudi was 19 Century architect and he created this amazing fantasy world. Have yet to tackle the subway and go to the museums (Sunday) and the Ramblas. Lots of cafe/bars nearby. People are very expressive and helpful. Some English speakers all around. Tuesday I'll be spedning time with Gemma, a Catalan poet who I met at the New Delhi Sanskriti residency last year. Lovely to have this sense of continuity.