Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First night in Rome and the waiter at my dinner plied me with free glasses of Proseco. Another waiter sang. Delicious food too. Got lost on my way back to the B&B, and finally figured it out. Would I ever find that restaurant again?

Next day: took the city bus today to see the sights, a two hour ride and you can keep getting off and on. I did at the last stop near the Borghese Gardens. The Vatican from the bus seems a total zoo of people, no way to even try to enter.  I'm so glad I went in 1955 when there were hardly any people touristing in those days. Got a sense of the city from the bus and enjoyed the views. Next day - to the Borghese Museums and then Assisi on Friday. Got my train tickets and enjoyed talking with the fellow at the tourist counter. It's true, the Romans are very friendly. Rome is an easy city to get around in and to feel quickly at home. My B&B is very well located. I actually walked there from the Termini station with my heavy suitcase and carry on.

 I found the restaurant again for lunch the next day. They remembered me/where I sat. How nice. Had a nice talk with a Russian banker at the table next to mine. He'd been trained as an aeronautical engineer. When he graduated there were no jobs, so he went into banking! Tells you about the world.
Now, the Borghese Gallery. I'd gotten a ticket form the tour bus and I hardly had to wait before going in. The collection is both stupendous and repetitious with many sculpture works with missing parts added without the depth or magnificence of the real thing, especially the heads. The ceiling are truly extraordinary, especially in the Egyptian room. I felt the famous Bernini sculptures while astonishing, the pursuing males would have had a better chance if both their feet had been places on the ground. I supposed it was an aesthetic decision to emphasize the flow.
Pics from the Borghese Gallery and Gardens. Beautiful trees. A haven and pleasure spot away form the city bustle and for all to enjoy. (They don't let you photograph inside the Gallery - alas).

Here in Assisi at the artist residency Arte Studio Ginestrelle. For pics of the residency, please look it up on line though I'll ply you with some of what I've taken in Assisi, and hooray the already new artworks.

 Arrived in the dark to find inside a totally lovely and comfortable, tasteful and aesthetic residency. The studio situation is working fine. Marina Merli, the Director is marvelously helpful and considerate. Besides myself, we are just four: Jenny, a writer/actress from Australia, Marvel, a film maker from Sweden and Gail, another artist from the DC USA area.

Went into the beautiful medieval town of Assisi last two days. Saw the Giotto frescoes at the Church of San Fransisco, my main aim in coming here besides the mountains. Not too touristy during the week this time of year. We're 20 minutes away by car  in the mountain, up a dirt and windy road. It's hypnotic and incredibly peaceful here. There are great views from every angle and every window. It's been mostly cloudy and Autumn's regalia is still subtle though the sun came out briefly around noon today and I had to move away from the window with the piece I was working on. The autumn colors will pick up in the coming weeks.

Working away just fine. Now for some pics starting with the Nov. 4 PARADE in honor of the end of WWI:

 and then, some views from downtown Assisi:

 Shadow of Roman columns

 Can you spot me?

 On the way to see the Giotto frescoes at the Church of San Fransisco

Just along the walk!

 From my studio window
 and first works:

 Giotto, it is said could draw a perfect circle, and I?