Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Going backwards - giving photos from Santiniketan late January

Ok, I've finally figured out a way to get the photos on, and will try to add several. Doing my best. This is the time I spent in Santiniketan early in the trip between days in Kolkata. The town has a lot more traffic, just like every other place in India.and that means hard on the respiritory system. I got sick coming back form seeing a new art center because the auto rickshaw got stuck behind a truck spewing out the worst. Had to cancel an evening event. Anyway, needed the rest with so much going on. Had just given a workshop for Shantali village children at Martin Kampschen's school where now there are 100 children evenly divided between boys and girls. They made "Secret Future" envelopes, putting their hopes and dreams for their future in them and then sealing them, they decided among themselves for six years! Here are some photos from there, and hopefully I'll also be able to show you the clay mask I made at the Kala Bhavan art university in that town, and where I spent a month during my Fulbright time, again giving a clay mask making and storytelling workshop. They showed my film this time, "Masks as a Portal to the World" and then we moved into the ceramic studio for me to demonstrate making a ceramic mask. It's stoneware, a very good clay and Gaushon Das will fire it. It's my gift to the school. The ones I gave in 1993 were no where to be seen.Same with the metal mask I gave to the Sculpture Department, University of Dhaka. Thankfully the Women's Studies Department at Jadavpur University has mounted my Kali Durga Mask above the Department Chair's office.

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