Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 1 in Dhaka

All's well here in Dhaka. Staying at the Ambrosia Guest House in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. It's been tastefully remodeled since my  first visit in 1995. Even the bed is more comfortable and the bathroom has a tub.Glory, glory. The rest of the neighborhood has changed with apartment buildings that now surround the guest house. It remains a haven, especially with its beautiful garden. I hope to soon enjoy it by sitting in the sun before my day's work tomorrow at the welding studio.

Today, went into Old Dhaka today with former student Mitu, now professor at the Sculpture Department and two current students to find the steel for my work. Visited the new art center, visited Mitu's house and met her bright, lively and lovely son, and then had dinner with friend Hasna with whom I've kept in contact for 18 years. Her daughter is also a professor of sculpture at U of Dhaka and lives upstairs from Hasna in an apartment full of her husband's metal sculpture. I've agreed to curate a metal sculpture exhibit for him and will write something for his catalog. And on. Getting to work tomorrow at the new welding sculpture studio - just set up for my work. It will continue on for the students.
I'm surrounded by wonderfully warm, bright, gracious and caring people who fully appreciate what I'm doing here. Many remember me from my last stay 16 years ago. All very heartwarming, especially the interest of the students. Who knows what I'll make tomorrow, a welded mask, but what will it look like? I've no idea. Time will tell.
Lots of love,

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