Thursday, January 6, 2011

Intro to journey

Here I am, starting out with a Blog. Will be using this venue during my journey this winter to South Asia, to India and Bangladesh. I’ll be a working/traveling artist once again, leading workshops, making art, having many events including showing my film, “Masks as a Portal to the World” from my May 2009 talk at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Elizabeth Sackler Center. I’m scheduled to have an art exhibit at the American Center in New Delhi, India, opening on March 4. Will be a resident artist at Sanscriti outside of New Delhi for a month, leading a welding mask workshop at the University of Dhaka in February, and also in Kolkata, and giving printmaking demos along the way. Definitely a chock full three months. Also, and especially will be seeing and visiting friends throughout the journey.


  1. So excited about your new blog! I tried to put up a picture of me, David, and Dariel so you would see us when you sign in, but the pics were too large, I guess. This is one from our wedding! Love you and miss you already. XO J.

  2. Hi Luv,
    This is another way we can stay in touch. Thanks for the pic.
    Hugs to all,

  3. Have a fabulous trip Suzanne, I look forward to following your adventure on your blog x